Allowing all actions except internet access


I’ve got a problem with my multimedia player. It’s a great piece of software but as a freeware it’s not perfect. Every time I try to use playlist or automatic start of another movie part when one finishes, I need to manually allow it to create some additional files. Every time.

I could just put it on a list of trusted apps but it would mean that also can access Internet and I would hate that because it downloads huge amounts of info about every file I play like DVD cover, ranking, info, similar shows “that I might like” etc etc. So I need to cut it from Internet but grant full access to files etc. could anyone help me with that? I bet it’s very simple but I cannot figure out how to manage pc access and internet access separately 88)

How to permanently allow an application to do everything on my pc except connecting to the Internet?

I’m perfectly happy with my global firewall settings so I wouldn’t like to change anything.

If it is in any way important:
I’m using the latest Comodo Firewall (5.3.17…) on Windows 7 Ultimate x86 which is also up to date.