Allowing alerts to be displayed indefinitely

My wish is for allowing alerts to be displayed indefinitely.
From a quick search of these forums I’m not alone with my request either.

As you can see and I’m sure are aware, there is already a setting to change how long an alert is displayed: “Keep an alert on screen for (seconds): ###”

Currently accepted values are 1-999.
I would propose a value of 0 would be used to allow alerts to stay shown until an action is taken. I feel this is a simple, yet important feature currently missing from Comodo.

I might also add, that although very impressed with this firewall and it’s features - I had a bit of an issue with Setpoint which another user detailed about in v3 of your software:

If it wasn’t for me finding that thread I’d of probably uninstalled Comodo as I’d of never worked out that fix for such a common bit of software. So another wish is a more obvious system for fixing issues like that. I for example right clicked one of the setpoint items in the blocked logs and set it to safe, but to my surprise this doesn’t fix it from being blocked which one would expect it to. Very odd indeed…

Regarding the alert thing:

:-TU as long as it says somewhere that 0 = indefinite.

[EDIT: I removed my defense+ stuff. It was cluttering your real topic.]

999 seconds make 15 mn: a fair time to take a decision?

If absent, and some event logged by defense+/firewall, wouldn’t it be better to be able to set a rule after the event from the log windows?

It would not be so easy to take defense+ decisions in real time, as some rules can be obscure.

I suggested elsewhere this same behavior with the firewall, allowing to make “full rule” from the alert on the fly, it is easier to do with the firewall.

Last, i never see what official feedback for some of the whishlist suggestions that could be seen as appropriate by comodo developpers/managers, and one can ask himself what the use of this wishlist section is.

For me no. If something new is detected I want a notification about it. If I’m not there and it’s automatically blocked I will have no idea unless I specifically check my logs every time I sit down to the computer. This for me is madness.

By allowing alerts to be displayed for an indefinite period of time, I’m in control of all the actions taken by the firewall - which is the way it should be.


Such a feature may be buried, or I may have missed it, but…

Is there a way to dismiss a set of alerts at once? I could foresee returning to my computer, after having set indefinite alerts, and not wanting to deal with the accrued pile of them.

I suppose the work around would be to temporarily set alerts to only show for 1 second, and let Comodo automatically cycle through them a second at a time. However, that’s a pretty tedious work around.

I bothered to register because this is my main & really big annoyance, which has driven me away once already, and now I am considering that again because of the same (and only!) reason.

Also may I ask a moderator politely to put this thread at the end of this one:

As that one has a poll as per house rules, and has the same subject, but preferably with this title as it is more clear. (keeps fingers crossed)

+1 as well

One doesn’t have to use it, you can still use the old way of only x seconds and happily ignore it, but there are enough that do want it it seems.

I also get the impression some never used a firewall that had this, because having a huge stack of this is quite rare unless you aren’t there for a considerable length of time. And no need for complex cyclings (a misclick nightmare waiting to happen), an ignore or close button (with “all” versions maybe) would suffice.
Also just handling them at that point is a lot easier & faster than the cumbersome check your logs, and manually enter everything. It’s just a few clicks after all. (or can you get the popup back? haven’t found it yet)

So please add this or I will be searching for another firewall yet again at some point I am sorry to say.

PS. bit off topic, but for a company in security I find it is really bad form to send passwords in the mail. Doesn’t help me trust it at all, despite forums probably nothing having to do with the security programs, but it is the principle of the thing. It shouldn’t even know my pw, but have hashes, and I shouldn’t have to tell this!

Thumbsup on this one. I can be away for hours at a time.