Allowing a program previously blocked?

Hi, hope someone can help - I wanted to try out a new torrent client and along the way I think I blocked it through the Comodo prompts that appear when a new application tries to open. That’s fine, but how do I reverse or remove such rules?

I can open the program, but it can’t connect to the internet. I see in Comodo that it is listed in blocked intrusions whenever I open the program - but I can’t reverse/reset/clear the rules despite look through every setting in Comodo.

I would assume it would be under Firewall Tasks > Advance Settings > Application Rules, but it is not. I’ve tried adding the program and copying the ruleset from my previous torrent client, this didn’t make any difference. Is there any way to make Comodo completely forget the program and any previous rules and start again when I open the program?

Thank you.

Rebooting your computer may do it. CIS will then not remember the temporary rule it made.

That’s sounds easier than I thought - I’ll give it a go, thanks.