Allow utorrent in Sandbox to shutdown Windows?

When running uTorrent (outside the Sandbox) it can be set to shutdown Windows when downloads are complete. When running inside the Sandbox Windows does not shutdown even when downloads complete.

Is there a way I can run uTorrent inside the Sandbox and allow it to shutdwn WIndows when downloads are complete? I’m running uTorrent 3.4.5, CIS 8.2, and Windows 10.

Certainly not because everything is isolated virtually. If it access and control system functions that would be against the point. :slight_smile:

I can recommend - SmartPower - automatic PC shutdown based on a schedule . You can estimate the full torrent completion and approximate the time. Best answer i can figure. ???

If an application is sandboxed, I personally would not want it still be able to shut down Windows, or any other program, for that matter.
It’s isolated for a reason.

I understand and appreciate that you wouldn’t normally want a Sandboxed application from being able to shutdown Windows. But it is possible to not virtualise certain folders and files and it’s possible to not virtualise certain registry keys too. My question really was whether using these, or other, techniques would enable me to allow a specific sandboxed program (uTorrent in this case) to shutdown Windows.

I expect the answer to be no. But it’s better that I ask and find out for sure than it is to assume. This is not a wish not a request for a feature, it’s a straightforward question on whether it can be done. An authoritative no will be fine.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

You can exclude files/folders and registry keys from being virtualized see Configure Sandbox, Sandbox Computer Security, Desktop Software | Internet Security but you can’t exclude protected COM & RPC Control Interfaces from being protected from sandbox applications including security privileges such as SeShutdownPrivilege.

To the best of my knowledge there is no way to do what you want to do.

But… Below is speculation…

IF uTorrent can be set up to run scripts instead of shutting down directly then you should be able to set it up to change the value of a registry key (of course excluded) to perhaps “1” and then make a program or script that runs outside of the sandbox that continuously checks the value of the registry key and if it sees the value is “1” then it changes the value back to 0 (so the program/script doesn’t shut down on start-up) and then shuts down the computer… That’s a potential workaround, assuming that “IF” in the beginning is true, but perhaps a sloppy one…

Ok, thanks everyone. That’s pretty much what I expected but it’s always wise to check. :slight_smile: