Allow trusted application does nothing or doesn't work

I have to disable the Defense+ before I can even attempt to do some things.

In particular I’m getting alerts in Defense+ Events for CompanionLink exe. I right click to Add to Trusted Files and nothing happens. I can right click many times and yet no message acknowledging that I’ve added the file or that the file is already in a trusted list.

Flags is Access memory. Target is Comodo’s cfp.exe

For another exe, open source Calibre, I can right click and I get the already there message but I still have to disable Defense+ before I can do anything with it such as dragging and dropping files or opening a browser window from it.

Version 5.12.256249.2599

You are right. It does not work with Windows XP or 7 and the remember option does not work either. Zone Alarm and Comodo seems to share this same major flaw in their software.
This is a serious problem to be fixed. I am a 20 year computer tech and work with internet security and spyware removal. You are not the only one with this issue, I have customers complain to me about that after I recommend Comodo, I should have tested it for bugs before I did that. I gave them bad advice.
I have to find a working program to tell my customers about.
It will not remember your choices even if you click the remember box.