Allow sorting via "Application name" in Computer Security Policy

Allow sorting by executable name (excluding path), and maybe a separate sorting by path, in Computer Security Policy. This makes finding a particular application much easier.



How about adding a poll?


and also a “Search” function as my list of allowed programs getting bigger and bigger and I don´t always know in what folder a specific pgm is installed.

Maybe the list should be in format imported from windows explorer. Hence it would be possible to sort all columns.

An auto-filtering sorted list of policies is provided although the filtering is path based and the leading path is needed to filter entries.

ref: Can i search through the Computer Security Policy ?

eg: it is possible to list all policies in a specific path whose application name can be also specified partially.
(edit) Pressing the down arrow [ ] key should allow to browse the entire list too.

an option to quick filter the applications list whenever the filtering text match any portion of the policies paths could be a welcomed addition as well.
eg: filtering notepad will list all policies whose path includes the word notepad wheras ATM it provides no results.

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Thanks for info but searching by CTR+F f.i. in D+ opens a window but nothing happens when searching for a specific program. (Using Swedish GUI)