Allow Rules in Global Rules aren't saved

Hi to all,
I’ve inserted some permissions (allow rule) in global rules e.g:

Allow UDP Out From in [THIS PC in LAN] to In[Printer IR500] Where Source Port is Any And Destination Port is 17.

followed by

Block IP In/Out From IP Any to IP Any Where Protocol Is UDP

The rule work very fine but when I reboot my PC and COMODO restart the ALLOW rule disappear.

I’ve tried to save & restore COMODO FIREWALL settings to file and the ALLOW rules isn’t available.

What’s happends ?

I use comodo 3.8.65951.477 and my log is with full ADMIN rights.

Thank you very much

I hope you are not creating that rule for a USB. AFAIK, CIS does not trust files from USB and will remove it when you reboot.

No, I don’t use USB devices.

Here is a simplified version of my Global Rules.
How you can say UDP are permitted only to my LAN printers.
Unfortunately when I shoutdown-restart PC COMODO delete all ALLOW rules but keep BLOCK rules.

Why ?