Allow Rule for accessing FTP/FTPS site!

Comodo is blocking me from accessing a site via FTP/FTPs, in both IE7, my web dev program, and Windows Explorer. I changed Comodo to “Train,” and it still did it, and I only got it working when I disabled it completely! (And I originally thought it was my host, humph.)

What’s the best way to create a rule for allowing FTP access to a site, in any program on my comp?

(This is probably where a lot of people drop Comodo, but I’m a little bit stronger than that, and hanging on for a while)


I’ve added a FTP rule set which works fine. Not sure about FTPS but you should be able to figure it out.

I’m a little bit confused, still. I haven’t ever really tried tinkering with the network policies, so they’re a mystery to me.

Could you walk me through configuring Comodo to ask/allow FTP upload, etc. through IE7, Network Places, and possibly Firefox’s FireFTP extension? (At least one of them would be good)

(I don’t need to worry about FTPS, just FTP)

Thank you!

I’m getting really cross at Comodo right now.

I tried following the same rules in the picture on that thread you gave, BUT IT STILL WON’T WORK.

I’ve been using Comodo for a while, and I like it, but this is getting ridiculous and I’m going to resort to something else soon.


Exact instructions for FTP clients/Network Places/Ie7, please…

What do you use as a FTP client? I use CuteFTP and Fileailla with the rules in the link I posted and they work fine. If you use IE the passive out going rule should probably be allowed to all ports rather than privileged.

Also, the only global rule I have is…

Block ICMP In From Any to IP Any where ICMP Message is Echo Request