Allow RocketDock internet access?

I’m using a beautiful desktop program; a menu generated by RocketDock, Punk Labs . When starting Internet Explorer from this menu, Comodo Firewall - of course - asks if RocketDock (.exe) should have access. I guess it’s alright, but I’m not sure. What makes me even more unsure is when I launch Internet Explorer without the help of RocketDock: then it also asks for access, but this time not the RocketDock.exe but .dll. Like I’ve tried with other programs (software from Adobe, Autodesk), I block this certain DLL but Comodo does not remember that.

Anyway, the purpose of RocketDock should only be to serve as a desktop menu, do you think that it in any way could be considered as some kind of spyware?


Hello LeoniAquila :slight_smile:

Is the alert your receiving from CPF along the lines of this one:

I appreciate this is for thunderbird, but I too use a dock, in my case the very old and discontinued Yz’Dock. The father of all Windows Docks :slight_smile:

In the case where you launch IE from an alternative location, that is, not from the Dock, you say you also receive an alert, is it the same?

Perhaps you could post a couple of screen shots of the two alerts?

In the second situation, it’s possible that RocketDock has installed a BHO (Browser Helper Object) in IE, although I’m not sure why it should. I have RD here, so I’ll check that and get back to you.

Another good alternative is RKLauncher. It’s still being developed, but it too supports ObjectDock’s Docklets.


Hello. I use the RocketDock too. Good choice :smiley: I had the same alert as your LeoniAquila. I think that RocketDock injects the dll to explorer just to communicate with other windows. RocketDock had a 100% clean award from Softpedia so my opinion is that there is no reason to worry and no reason to stop using RocketDock. Here is the link
Hope this help. :slight_smile:

Hello! Thank you very much for your answers. I don’t know where I can upload screenshots, but I’ll try to explain the cases:

  1. IE wants access from any ordinary shortcut (desktop, start menu). Everybody gets this alert, independent of RocketDock.

  2. IE wants access from rocketdock.exe as I start it from there.

  3. Suddenly, after browsing for a while, an alert of “unknown components” in IE appear, with rocketdock.exe as parent. I click “Show Libraries…” and a new box appears, with the choice of allowing or denying rocketdock.dll access.

I’ve tried Y’z Dock as well, but like you nikolas I find RocketDock to be the greatest :slight_smile:
You’re probably right that there’s nothing to worry about. I just have the philosophy to only grant access for programs if it is necessary. It is “necessary” for rocketdock.exe, but I whish to block that dll file. Comodo Firewall seems to have problems remembering that.

It’s possible to block rocketdock.dll with Component Monitor but the results might not be pleasant. CFP alerts you about the rocketdock.dll thats is injected on explorer but that doesn’t means that is trying to connect to the internet. Some of the dock features are dependent of this dll.
I have that philosophy too and I think is not needed to block the dll because its not connecting to the internet.
I have blocked the dll of being injected and RocketDock hanged. So my opinion is that if you want to use RocketDock you must allow the Rocketdock.dll :slight_smile:

This is new information to me; that an injected DLL not necessarily wants to connect to the internet. Do you know how to tell the difference?

As you write, it is possible to block the DLL. But yes, the results are not pleasant. RocketDock seem to work anyway, but even though I tick “Block” for the DLL, it keeps asking every time I start IE, unless I give permission. This is really annoying, so now I give it permission just to get rid of the alerts from CPF. Hopefully this system will be improved in version 3.0!


One way that you can tell the difference is by monitoring IE for suspicious connections through an external program. Softpedia mark it with 100% clean award so i suppose that has already done that and there is no need to worry about.
If you allow the Rocketdock.dll, CFP will be still asking you for permissions every time you run IE?


First, here is a link that will help with the screen shots Screenshot-posting for beginners

With regard to Component Monitor, here is a section from the CFP help file:

A component, when loaded into application’s memory, acts as a part of that application hence having the same network access rights as the application itself.

Comodo Firewall Pro now validates all the components of an application before granting the Internet access. These components may be dynamic link libraries or ActiveX components that an application is using.

Component Control Rules can be added, removed and applied via the Component Monitor.

Yo may also want to check out the ** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First ** section, specifically:

Understanding how Comodo Firewall Rules work

and these:

Component Monitor,5396.0.html,793.0.html,4057.0.html,6241.0.html,7526.0.html

I haven’t had time to load RD, yet, but I pretty sure it works the same way as all other docks. That basically means you will have to allow the DLL to load in CM for it to function correctly. Just because there is an entry in CM, doesn’t necessarily mean the application is connecting to the Internet.


nikolas: Ok, I will check that, but it is most likely alright as you write! The answer to your question is no, when the DLL has got access, CPF never gives any alerts.

Toggie: Thank you for your interest. My worries have been mitigated now, but it is good to know how the things really work. You do not have to try RocketDock for my sake, but I can recommend it as it has a lot of options and makes a good job! I’ve tried Y’z Dock too but removed it because of some visual bugs.

Hi LeoniAquila

I am glad you have resolved things to your satisfaction :slight_smile:

FYI, I did install RD and it doesn’t install a BHO, so its just the DLL’s at play :slight_smile:

It’s strange, but I have tried virtually every dock made for windows, Yz, Moby, RKL, RD, ObjectD… and I keep coming back to Yz. I don’t need ‘bouncing’ icons, or minimised windows on the dock. I also only use one docklet, a clock :slight_smile:

RD is nice, has lots of features, but is slower on my system. I guess each to his own :slight_smile:

BTW the new version of ObjectDock (1.9) is out (free) LOADS of features Stardock ObjectDock: Most popular animated dock for Windows If you like RD you will probably love OD…


Hi. I tried ObjectDock Toggie and I came back to RD ;D Too many features that i don’t need. LeoniAquila ObjectDock too injects his own dll so if u block the dll you will have again the pop ups. The dll is need for window hooks. If u like to lean for window hooks try searching he net :slight_smile:

Toggie: Thanks, good to hear about your RD experience. As for functionality, I actually whish to keep it as simple as you (only have three shortcuts, no bouncing and not a thing to dock)! Didn’t like Y’z D. only because of a visual bug and thoose two arrows which I never understood. StarDock, a bit too much. :wink: Also, it automatically created a folder in “My Documents” which wasn’t acceptable. I keep “My Documents” completely empty and no program should make any folders there :slight_smile:

nikolas: then we’ll just have to accept the dll injection, and be glad that RD most likely isn’t any kind of spyware… :slight_smile:

Thank you guys.

So, is there anyway to get RocketDock 1.3.5 to work with Comodo 3?

In my case, Comodo 3 do not allow RD to run at all! Even if I put RocketDock.exe and RocketDock.dll as trusted application. I may have blocked RocketDock earlier on, but even after I removed and reinstalled RD, nothing works. Is there anyway to remove an application from the list of blocked application?

I use RocketDock with COMODO 3 without any problem.

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