Allow & Remember v Trusted Application

I am a new Comodo (4.1.150349.920) user with some queries that I cannot find the answers to:

  1. Defense+: An alert appears - trusted program to open an unknown program. Is there any difference between “allow & remember” and adding the unknown program to the list of “My Own Safe Files”??

  2. Firewall: An alert appears - program (Skype which Comodo recognies as from approved publisher) wants to receive a connection from the internet. Is there any difference between “allow & remember” and adding the program to the list of “Trusted Applications” under Firewall??

  3. If when an alert appears for Firewall, or Defense+ or Sandbox and I choose to allow & remember where can I find a listing of which permissions I have granted?? Say I wanted to cancel something I had allowed & remembered??

  4. I receive an alert for program to run sandboxed. I select “Do not run this application inside the sandbox again”. This then applies for subsequent attempts to run the program - how do I undo this permission??

Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

  1. with allow and remember your rules will be specific to the programs need, not a generall “permission”.
  2. usually you dont need other rules than OUTgoing. if you get a question about “connection from the internet”, you might want to use stealth port wizard “hide me from everyone” in the firewall section, to avoid this questions. you dont need to allow simply INgoing traffic, when you dont requested it.
    3)look through each window, and your question will be answered. for example under advanced. you should anyway look one time through all to understand what you have.
  3. same as 3.

Item 4: I cannot find the window to reverse a sandboxing decision. Grateful for your advice.

Many thanks.

maybe under sandbox settings, add a program to sandbox? is it standing on that list? just remove it from there, if you dont want it to be run in the sandbox not more. or put something in “trusted files” folder, if you dont want something to be put in there. i dont use that folder myself,
i dont use this sandbox, so i just guess.