Allow prompting for encryption to selected address each time


  1. See attached - Anyway I can get back to this screen or edit the adresses preferences later??

I primarily send secure emails on an adhoc basis and would like to be able to choose when an email is encrypted on a case by case basis. I am using custom settings - ‘Prompt if a non-ency…’ and ‘Encrypt with Single use…’

When I first send Bob a message, I am prompted as to whether I’d like to use encryption etc… I make my choices - Great! Next email… How can I now change Bob’s settings?

  1. Also, whenever I select ‘Encrypt’ within a new email, I always get the Outlook message ‘Encryption Problems’… Shouldn’t the the Single Time Cert handle this?

Win 7 x64, Office Ent 2007 32

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Hey thanks for looking everyone… I guess I’ll just try a different product. I’ve looked at Hushmail and Trend Micro’s Secure Email… Any suggestions?