allow pop up?

Hello. I recently changed my configuration from firewall security to proactive security. Soon after I got a pop up asking me if I should allow system remote - UDP I wasn’t sure at first so I blocked it. Now I’m wondering if I should have allowed it. The ip address given in the pop up was within the proper range of my local area network.

Thanks for any help.

It looks like an address of another computer on your network. To know for sure I want to know the IP address of your router. In Windows go to Start → Run → type: cmd → enter → in the black text box type : ipconfig /all → enter → look up and report the IP address of the Default gateway for your active network adapter.

OK it says default gateway . . . .

Also, I must not have blocked it because the same pop up just came up again and I ignored it.

When you ignore the pop up Comodo will block. It is the Default Deny principle. It will only allow when the user permits.

OK thanks, but lets get to the main issue here. You asked me what the IP address was for my router was and I told you. From that information can you tell me to allow the pop up or not?

Oops, I should rephrase that last reply. Can you please tell me whether I should have allowed it or not and if I should have, how to go back and allow it.

Since the router has IP address it means that the other alert was from another computer on your network.

It was probably an alert triggered by NETBIOS on one of the following ports: 137,138 or 139. NETBIOS is used by Windows to share file and folders across a local network. It is up to you if you trust that or not.

Ok. I’ll now reveal my complete ignorance about computers. It’s just me and my roommate here in my apartment so maybe it was his computer it came from. I don’t know anything about networks and me and my roommate don’t share anything via our computers so I’m glad I didn’t trust it. Oh well, my computer hasn’t had any problems since I blocked the ■■■■ thing so I guess I’ll keep it that way. How’s that for lazy and uninformed logic?

One thing for sure; it works in this situation…:smiley: