Allow or Block

???Since 2 days i receive everytime an pop-up screen from the firewall with the question systen nbname port 137 wants to connect to an remote port i think this an netbios action and i don’t wanna any action of netbios it should be permanent disabled. Can someone explain what to do allow or block even when Comodo says safe application, what are the risks and how to react when this screen comes up see attachement.

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This has been an issue in the past. I believe it is SAFE, You should be 100% Safe to allow the request, Because I have also gotten these “System” Alerts.

Someone else might have a different opinion.


That is part of Windows. See here. Make it outgoing only.

The address in the alert is Being a x.255 address tells me this is a broadcast address, presuming that your LAN is using 192.168.178.x.

Netbios is a chatty protocol, and does a lot of stuff by broadcasting. An outbound broadcast is how your machine tells other machines on your LAN that “I am FOO-MACHINE, and my address is”. All the machines on your LAN will see that, and write it on the computer equivalent of a post-it note, and use it to know how to contact foo.

You need to have the broadcast address (the x.255) as part of your LAN network definition, and to allow both inbound and outbound for netbios broadcast to do its job. Otherwise, your PC won’t hear any other machine when they announce what their address is.

If you have your Netbios disabled you should not have this alert.

I think the rule of thumb when handling system files is to set it to outgoing only.

I always disable NetBIOS disabled - it’s not needed nowadays.

See HERE for some good advise concerning netbios.