Allow only for a while

Hi Comodo team and community,
thanks for you products, I really appreciate the effort you put into it to deliver quality software.

I have one suggestion for improving CIS.
When I click allow or deny, I would like to see an option for this decision to last only a specified time.

For example, my computer is closed for incoming connections. Then, a friend of mine tries to connect to my shared folder. I want to allow the connection, but only for the next half an hour and then it should automatically close again.

The implementation, interface wise, could be simple. Now we only have the checkbox “remember the answer”. This could be changed to look like:
remember the answer: (combobox)
The (combobox) could contain the options:

  • forever (as the default option)
  • 10 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 1 day

I’ve read through the wishlist, but I couldn’t find this specific wish. I apologize if it is already there, and I didn’t find it.


That could be handy.

Currently, your best option is to allow, but don’t check the ‘Remember my answer’ box. This way, the rule will be forgotten when you reboot.

Yes, but as I reboot very rarely - once a week usually, this is an obvious issue for me.

One variant of a solution is to be able to access all of my allow/deny decision as a LIST with an option to delete specific decision. This could potentially be useful for other purposes also.

+100 Yeah, thats cool