Allow only access to a range of internal addresses

What rules do I need to set to allow one program access to one range of addresses ( - and blocking access to all others (internal and external)?

What type of rule are you trying to make an outgoing rule or an incoming rule?

Oops, should have been more specific, one set of rules for each, one for incoming and one for outgoing.

For incoming create the rule as follows: Action=Allow Direction=In Protocol=IP Source Address= address range start address= end= Destination address=Any
Then for outgoing: Action=Allow Direction=In Protocol=IP Source Address= Any Destination Address=address range: start address= end address=
Finally the block rule which should be placed last in the list: Action=Block Direction=In or out Protocol=IP

Aah, I see my mistake, I was doing the exact thing you told me to do with the exception of the third step.
Will give that a shot and report back.