"Allow Once" in Sandbox Prompt - Poll

I’m running test versions of Firefox that need updated regularly. Since they are always caught by the Sandbox, I disable the SB while updating FX. Sometimes I forget to disable the SB and the FX updater gets caught. The only options I have in the SB prompt are the Don’t Isolate It Again link or ignoring the prompt. With either choice, I have to open the GUI to remove the file from the Trusted Files or Unrecognized Files List.

I would like to see an Ignore Once button (similar to the AV prompt) added to the SB prompt so I don’t have to dig through the CIS settings when I make a Boo-Boo.

Thanx Guys!

I would like to see sandbox alert with options sandbox - default, allow & block instead of autosandbox. Sure this would be optional in advanced settings.

I agree. It would be nice if the Sandbox alert was similar to the HIPS alert.

Yes, yes yes! I find it strange that the Sandbox alert is so different. Please make the alerts the same. :slight_smile:

Add the option in poll, Alert - same as BB alert.

Done, thanks naren! :-TU


agreed. The sandbox is just annoying since it doesn’t do its job properly (running an application in a closed environment seamlessly).

Well if you switch to Fully virtualized then you will see the difference. And I agree there should be an option: Allow once/Ask what you want AB or Run Normally.

I tried that for a time, thinking it would change anything, but it doesn’t work that well. it still break auto updating apps.
I’m currently using the old setup, sandbox disabled and HIPS enabled, it doesn’t trigger that much popup, and applications wait until I answer the popup instead of crashing in the sandbox.

Vote here for this feature https://forums.comodo.com/waiting-area-please-cast-your-votes-cis/add-option-for-bb-to-ask-how-individual-files-will-be-run-inside-bb-v7-t102365.0.html