Allow local Subnet first

Hi there!

I am a former Tiny Firewall user and i think Comodo is the only one, who can replace its functionality.
One problem is still left, i dont know how to solve this.

I use inbound an outbound application firewall rules for applications dealing with the internet.
In addition to that, i wanted to allow all traffic in/out within my own local subnet.
I tried to manage that by configuring a global rule, but it didnt work as expected.
It seems like the global rule is not proccessed, instead applications get blocked/asked.

So…how can i setup firewall to alloow everthing from to my local subnet.

Thanks in advance!!

The easiest way to get started, is to use the Stealth Ports Wizard, found on the Firewall tab in CIS:

  1. Open Stealth Ports Wizard and select the first option 'Define a new trusted network and make my ports stealth for everyone else.
  2. Enter the appropriate details by either selecting a predefined Network zone, or enter the details manuallu

Essentially, this precess creates two additional Global rules and two additional rules for the System process. the rules simple allow IP to and from all devices defined by the subnet.

For the most part, the aforementioned works well, however, depending on your requirements, you may need to add the two new rules to svchost.exe. This is particularly true if you’re using Windows 7 homegroups or if you’re streaming media using Windows Media.

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Thanks for replying quickly!
I tried this, but it only works for “system” applications.
I wanted this to work for all my different applications. e.g. VNC

Any suggestions?

If you want the rule to apply to every process/application, you could add the rule pair to the top of Application rules and apply the rules to the ‘All Applications’ group. (see images)

As the rules are processed top down, for both Application and Global, these should be read first. If these don’t work the way you want, you’ll have to add the rules to whichever application needs them.

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