Allow lan traffic only...

Hello all,

Is there a way that I can allow lan traffic only? I want my xbox 360 and other media sharing devices in my house to have access to my pc, however I don’t want my pc exposed to the outside world in order to do so. I’d like to basically block traffic that is not in my 10.10.10.x subnet. Any advice would be appreciated! Great product by the way (and free)!

Hi bzmofo,

Never tried this but you could try it and see if it works.

Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Global Rules


Action=Block (check loging if you want)


Direction=In/Out (you may be better doing 2 seperate rules,1 for in,1 for out)

Description=LAN network

Source Address/Check IP Range/Put in your start and end IP PUT A TICK IN THE EXCLUDE BOX

Destination Address/Same as above

IP Details=ANY

You should end up with a rule Block IP in/out Not In [your range] to IP Not In [your range] Where Protocol is Any

Place this at the top of your global rules,


One improvement - you may specify only Destination this way. Source may be “any”.
It’s only my IMHO. I’m blocking applications by this rule from NOT LAN Access and it’s working fine.