Allow IP Address selection/copy in Firewall Alert Popup

Has it ever frustrated you that you cannot select and copy the IP address in the Comodo Firewall Alert popup? Very frequently I find myself searching an IP whois database such as:

I try to copy the address all the time to find out who is trying to connect to my computer, or whom my computer is trying to connect to. I’m forced to type the IP address when I should be able to simply copy it.

I think it makes sense to either allow simple selection and copy, or otherwise clicking the IP address either selects it or opens a web browser or otherwise loads ipwhois information.

Thanks! Happy Voting!

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Upon seeing your thread I attempted to add this functionality to the alert in my Firewall Alert Charrette Thread. What do you think?

I think it should also do a basic whois and display the hostname and maybe the country. A popup window with full whois info would be worth considering as well.

in addition to whois / country / location lookup, integration with COMODO DNS would be nice.

Yes! I really need convenience to copy IP address instead to type it :-TU