Allow internet not server access

Dear Group, after many years of using ZA i decided to try Comodo on a spare machine. So far i like it. It’s relatively small and low on resources and seems to work fine.
However, i do like to try to understand these things fully.
If i look at the programs screen in ZA i can see that Firefox browser is allowed internet access, but denied server access.

When i first started Firefox in the spare machine with Comodo i was asked via a pop-up if wanted to allow internet access, which i did. I was then asked if i wanted to allow server access, which i denied. Firefox wouldn’t connect.

I had to remove the Firefox entries then restart it and allow server access. Can some kind soul explain why i have to allow server access? Or is it possible to only give internet access and deny server access?

Thanks in advance

You NEED to allow all pop ups for Firefox (Starting up), Server Access= DNS Client Access which connects to the internet, etc. It’s vital to allow it, It’s not like Firefox is trying to connect to a malware server :wink: .

Thank you, i realise that FF is a trusted app, it’s just that in ZA i was able to grant FF internet/trusted zone access whilst denying server access. Maybe it’s just the way that Comodo uses different terminology do you think.

Many Thanks