Allow incoming VPN-PPTP Connections


I setup my Windows 7 box to received incoming VPN-PPTP connections, as outlined in this page: Setup a VPN – PPTP Host On Your Home Windows 7 PC [How-To].

I don’t really understand how I should configure the Comodo Firewall (in CIS v 5.10) to allow incoming connections.

Can anyone shed some light? I really appreciate it.


Usually, if you’re using the OS VPN service, svchost is the process involved in maintaining the connections. Therefore, you’ll need to create an application rule for svchost that allows inbound connections over TCP from the VPN source address. Depending on your Global firewall rules, you may also need to create a similar inbound rule.

Your application rule would look something like:

Application name - svchost.exe
Action - Allow
Protocol - TCP
Direction - In
Source Address - The IP address of the source PC
Destination Address - Any
Source Port - 1723
Destination Port - 1723

If you’re using IPSEC, you’ll also need to allow UDP over port 500