Allow Incoming Port For 1 App

Is there a way to config CPF to allow incoming connections to a specific port for a specific program? For example, I only want uTorrent to receive connections to port 30000. I currently have a Network Monitor rule as: Allow >> TCP/UDP IN >> Any >> Any >> Source is Any >> Dest. is 30000. This is as per the forum recommendations for basic P2P.

What I’m afraid of is this would globally apply to any “safe” program. So if uTorrent is not running, I don’t want incoming connections through this port to another program . I’ve tried adding Application Monitor rules for uTorrent, but it doesn’t seem to work.

To be really sure, you could do the following:
Go to Security - Advanced - Miscellaneous:
You can set the alert frequency level to ‘Very High’ (will cause alerts for every remote address and every remote port) and/or
You can UNCHECK 'Do not show any alerts for applications certified by COMODO.

But actually, I think that neither of those measures is actually necessary. Port 30,000 is very rarely used to receive incoming traffic. Off the top of my head, I can’t even think of any application that would do so…

Paul Wynant
Moscow, Russia