Allow everything started by Sandboxie's Start.exe

How do I make Comodo give full permissions to programs started by Sandboxie’s start.exe? Installer/updater mode still keeps prompting for programs started by start.exe.

the installer/updater is the highest rights you can give a file. Can you post a screenshot of the alert you are receiving.

If start.exe is set to installer/updater then the child processes should inherit those traits (or at least be allowed) but I think that is only for as long as start.exe is still running, once the parent process is terminated, the child process loses the inherited privileges.

Please note that the above is only what I think is the case based on memory, may remember it wrong.

The prompt is seen in prompt.png

The program is started through Start.exe, with settings seen in settings.png

I just need a way of making Comodo let the Start.exe program do anything it wants, and let all programs started though Start.exe do anything they want as well.

Comodo 5 can do it.

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Set start.exe as a Windows System Application ruleset, and for every program that is started by start that generates a HIPS alert choose Treat As Windows System Application with remember my answer checked.

Are you sure you’re replying to the correct thread? Your answer does not answer my question at all. I start thousands of unsigned unknown programs through Start.exe so I cannot create a rule for them all.

Please I really need someone to investigate this and provide a fix or a workaround. It makes Comodo unusable, forcing me to be temporarily disabling it every few minutes.

Do you have the sandbox enabled? or just HIPS?

I just installed the latest comodo firewall and sandboxie. I gave start.exe the installer policy and i did not receive any alerts.

Steps to reproduce:

Install a clean Windows 7 SP1 64bit machine.

Perform all windows updates.

Download Comodo Internet Security from

Download Sandboxie 5.06 from

Download Tor Browser 5.0.4 from

Start the Comodo Internet Security installer cispremium_installer.exe

Customize installation, untick “COMODO Antivirus”, untick “COMODO GeekBuddy”, untick “Chromodo Browser”.

In Configuration Options, untick “Do not show alerts that request…”.

Agree and install.

Reboot computer.

Start the Sandboxie installer SandboxieInstall64-506.exe and install Sandboxie.

Start the Tor Browser installer torbrowser-install-5.0.4_en-US.exe and install Tor Browser.

Execute “Start Tor Browser” shortcut using Sandboxie.

In the resulting popup, give “Start.exe” Treat as “Installer or updater”.

Observe Comodo is now making a popup for “firefox.exe”.

I tried again using the steps you have provided and still dont get any popups. Can you try opening the advanced settings and go to the HIPS → HIPS rules then create a new rule. Navigate to start.exe and give it the ruleset installer/updater.

Have you changed any other settings after install? Which modules do you have enabled? (ie sandbox, HIPS, firewall etc)