Allow DNS traffic

Hello. I just installed Personal Firewall to test it, it is great! (L)
There is something that I still need to configure so that I can definetely use it as my firewall.

When any program tries to open a socket, Comodo notifies me saying that the remote connection is to my DNS Server on UDP port 53.
I want to allow any program to access anywhere on DNS port, so that, after it gets the host IP, Comodo notifies me where is the real location that program wants to connect.

I created the following network rule:
“allow UDP IN or OUT from ip [any] to ip [any] where source port is [any] and destination port is 53”
but it didn’t work, Comodo is still notifying about DNS access.

Does any1 know how to configure it?


The parametersfor the DNS rules are as follows;

Action : ALLOW
Direction : OUT
Protocol : TCP
Source IP : Any (This means the PC running CPF)
Destination IP : ANY (or you culd use the specific address of your DNS server/s)
Source port : ANY
Destination port : 53

It might look odd that we are only creating an OUT rule and no corresponding IN. An OUT rul in CPF means that we are initiating an outbound request AND we are expecting to get a response back. The response is allowed as it is the “other half” of our outbound request.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

tnx a lot, but it still didn’t work :frowning:
Take a look:

the DNS alert, this is what is shown for every program that tries to connect.

the config you suggested

the notification I wanna receive, after the DNS is accessed (but instead of the IP, the host name should be there :stuck_out_tongue: