Allow/Deny? ->Deny -> Allow/Deny ....

I just wonder why you have to click Deny several times for 1-1 applications.

What do you mean by 1-1 applications? Peer to peer? Do you have screen shots of the multiple deny messages? If not, can you delete the app from the applications monitor window and start the app again. I realise this will regenerate the multiple message, but it would help if you can capture screen shots of each dialogue and post them here so we can figure out what each relates to.

HTH Ewen :slight_smile:

You could get two messages if a program tries to act as a server and also connect to the Internet. :slight_smile:

As memo sad. Yes, but sometimes it goes on with 1 more question (fe. what was the parent).

Yes, that happens if you attempt to launch a program from another program. (like entering a web address at the run prompt)

I know that but this current solution sounds a pain next to proxies. Of course, i know that they want to hide all allow/deny popups but i’d like to decide what to do. Fe. see the MS windows media player, what i don’t want to go for the Internet (sometimes with it’s setup_wm.exe) every time. I only want to allow it to connect to the resources i gave to it (fe. an URL).

I wonder what if they’d create another checkbox as “Allow all activities/Deny all activities”. Despite some hijack attempts this’d be very good next to - example - p2p programs.

Attached example shots for HyperSnap (it’s a tool to get screenshots).

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Now, the biggest problem is that i don’t know why Comodo PFW should ask from me whether xyz.exe can connect to if i already DENIED to open it’s port (aka. act as a server), so it couldn’t connect (OR SHOULD NOT). What’s the purpose then to ask it anyway or this is a bug?

Nope this is not a bug. The answer applies to the protocol/port/ip address triple. With the upcoming update, you will be able to modify this behavior of the popups. i.e deny will be able to deny all.