Allow communication on specific port

I have a question regarding the popup asking me to allow/deny a connection. If I start an application which checks for updates on startup for example, the popup comes up. Now I’d like to allow this connection to the given server at the given port but nothing else. I coudln’t find a way to do that. When I click to allow the connection, a rule is added to allow any outgoing connection for this application. So I need to enter the settings dialog and change the rule…
Seems pretty complicated to me. From my point of view, the “More options” part of the popup should allow me to configure this. Checkboxes like “only to this server”, “only on this port” might be sufficient.
Or did I overlook this feature?

  • Steff517

There is definite room for usability enhancements. You may like the CIS Charrette - Application System Activity Control topic in the Wish list board with suggestions for more advanced dialogues.