Allow access to only a web (comodo firewall pro) [RESOLVED]


How can i deny the internet access except one web?
I have one computer that only must be autorizhed to visit one web.
Where i find this? how i can configure this rule?


One web browser or one web site?

Sorry, only one web site. Job´s site.

You can block certain sites but not all. Actually your browser can do this.

I´ve tried block sites with ie but it really doesn´t work. I´ve installed Comodo for blocking sites because ie can´t do it.
I´ll try another software.


It’s possible to only allow access to one single website.
There’s two way to do this. One way is to only allow your PC to connect to this website, and no other. The other way is to allow your web browser to only access this site.
First of all, open the start menu and click Run. Write cmd, and in the Command Prompt, write ipconfig /all. Look for where it says DNS Server. Write down the IP-address(es) for your DNS-server(s) in notepad or another word processing program.

Now open CFP 3 and make your way to FirewallAdvancedNetwork Security Policy.
Now you have two choices. You can decide to create this rule for your web browser only, or for both the web browser and as global rules.

Action: Allow
Protocol: UDP
Direction: Out
Source IP: Any
Destination IP: Use the address for your DNS-server(s)
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 53

If you have more than one DNS-servers, create another rule, but with the IP for the other server. Also, you’ll need to use this rule(s) for svchost.exe too.

Now open the Command Prompt again. Write ping . You should now get the IP-address for the website. Write it down.

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP
Direction: Out
Source IP: Any
Destination IP:
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 80

Finally, create a blocking rule.

Action: Block
Protocol: IP
Direction: In/Out
Source IP: Any
Destination IP: Any


Learn something new everyday. Thanks Ragwing.

Fantastic idea, it works!! you are a monster computer :wink:

Thanks from the sunny Spain.

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