Allow a program any action one time by an "trust once" option in D+ alert.

When the D+ level is set to Paranoid Mode or Safe Mode and “treat unknown files as” is disabled, then there are tons of alerts.
Short of treating a program as a trusted application, then removing it from “my safe files” afterwords, I don’t see how to allow a program to do what it needs to do to run just one time without having to click “allow” for every action. There should be an option on the D+ alerts to “trust this program one time” so that we won’t get a ton of alerts.

The whole point of running the paranoid setting is to get CIS to ask you about every little thing your system tries to do! The inference is that you are paranoid that everything is out to get you, so you want as much control as possible over what is run on your system.

To add an option to the paranoid setting that allows something to run without asking you about it is no longer being paranoid and just doesn’t make sense. If you don’t like all the alerts, the paranoid setting isn’t for you.

Well, an option like that would be useful in Safe mode as well. It’s useful for testing programs that I generally trust but run them from a temporary location so I don’t want to make permanent rules.

I like the suggestion.
It avoids the need of purging entries in the D+ settings.

All I’m saying is that it temporarily “suspends” paranoid mode for just the program you are installing without having to go into the GUI, and without adding the program to the trusted files, and without creating permanent rules that must be deleted.

Let’s say Comodo could create temporary auto allow rules for the program that would be deleted, or remebered when the program closes.

If you choose Installer or Updater in the Alert it will do this without further alerts.


Ah, I see… You never mentioned installing in your original post. Dennis2 has you covered there. :slight_smile: