Allow a permanent trust to a program ?

Hi everyone.

I’ve been using COMODO Firewall Pro for months, and I find it both efficient and light.
However, I’ve been encoutering a problem that I haven’t been able to solve yet.

I use an application (.exe) which often needs to be updated (say, once a week). Everytime it gets an update I have to manually define it as a “trusted program”, in addition to other confirmations: “access parent application? access screen? Keybord inputs? Web access?..”.

That makes any post-update use of this application a nightmare (the program takes minutes to load / check / load / check…).

The thing is I totally trust this program, and don’t want to get messages about it anymore. Is there any way to tell COMODO “this is a program I trust, do not EVER ask me anything about it” ?
I’ve tried to define those .exe (they are 2 of them) as “trusted programs”, but the updates seems to cancel that status.

Thanks in advance.

Currently, the only workaround for applications like this is to give them the Installer or Updater security policy.

Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Defense+ Rules. If this application is not already on this list, click the Add button and Browse to the path of the application. Click on Use a Predefined Policy, and select Installer or Updater from the dropdown menu. If the application is already on the list, just select it and click the Edit button, then change the policy as mentioned above.

To make sure this policy is able to act to its full extent, also check in Defense+ → Defense+ Settings → Sandbox Settings, and ensure that both Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside the sandbox and Automatically trust files from trusted installers are enabled.

Now this application should be able to do anything it wants, (even after updating) without D+ asking you about anything.

Thanks for these tips.

The appplication was in trusted mode, I’ve changed it to “installer/updater” as advised.

However, I didn’t find the options you mentioned in the second part. In Defense+ (advanced mode) > Defense+ settings, I only have 2 tabs (General settings - Monitor settings), and none of them has “sandbox settings”.

It maybe is a part of an updated version of COMODO? I often get a “balloon message” from COMODO’s icon in taskbar, saying “an update is available, click here to update”. But when I click, nothing seems to happen…

What version are you using? The sandbox has been around since version 4. (over a year ago) The current version is 5.8.

If you are using such an old version, it will not be able to update to the current version.

I would recommend downloading Comodo Internet Security Premium (Free) from the link in this thread. COMODO Internet Security 5.8.213334.2131 Released!

You’ll need to uninstall the old version first, as the configuration settings aren’t compatible with such an old version.

Product version : 3.0.22. :-[

Seems the installer I got wasn’t the most up-to-date… at all!

Thanks for your help and for this link.

I’ll have to wait 1 more week to know if the application can update itself easily: it’s been updated this morning, before I could make the changes you told me.

Thanks again!

Wow, that’s a very old version!

I wouldn’t wait a week, because the built-in updater is never going to be able to update you from version 3 to 5.8.