All traffic to and from your computer with only a certain IP range

Hi Comodo forum´s.

This applies to all forms of contact with the Internet. Not individual programs.

I have tried to configure this by “global rules” but then, your computer may not have any contact at all with the internet. “No internet” it says in Windows 7. Even if it’s correct IP address I use, that is configured “global rules”.

Is there any solution to this? As for the configuration. It is a VPN, that only the computer’s VPN traffic, that only this traffic is allowed.

But what should be the problem, it may not be so, then for the computer to be able to contact the VPN, so there must be the internet connection. Therefore, it has probably been that it has become.

As solution, someone on this “problem”?

I am not sure I understand what you mean, but I use VPN and I have no issue. The way I configured Comodo is by allowing the necessary port to the IP address of the endpoint of the VPN, then added the IP range assigned by the VPN to a network rule in My Network Zones.

Hope this helps