All traffic stops after certain amount of data transferred

The title pretty much says it all. After about 125-130 MBs received all traffic stops and exiting the firewall doesn’t help. Only solution is restart which as you’d probably persumed is quite an inconvenience. Tried it like 10 times and every time it’s the same thing. I suppose it’s from the CFP since it started after installing it earlier today. I’ve even tried an earlier build ( and guess what - it’s still there :wink: I wasn’t able to find any similar topic except one where the poster said he fixed his problem by applying an Winsock fix but if it’s the same as my concern he didn’t really fix it but rather at the end of the winsockfixing procedure he had to restart so it would’ve restored his connection for awhile… :wink: I hope I’ve explained it clearly enough :slight_smile:

One more thing - I think it’s on the bahalf of the CFP again - my pc takes a really long time to boot. I’m experiencing a minute or may be even 2 minutes delay as opposed to when the CFP isn’t installed ???