All systems are active and running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is right???

“All systems are active and running” with AV,D+,FW disabled???

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Please post bugs to the bug thread.

This is not a bug, it’s by design and only showing if CIS subsystems are active and running.
It does not indicate if you set some component to disabled or not…

Thank you Ronny :-TU…

I’ve warned about this many times. Saying it’s by design is a really bad excuse imo…

Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just a volunteer here trying to help…

I know, but this is a common problem, because the interface is confusing. And NO program is saying everything is fine on one end and having all the modules disabled on the other end.
It just confuses users.

I agree with Rejzor here.

If one of the modules was disabled (even by a user himself) the information icon should change from green v to some yellow warning color. because the system isn’t protecting with one module disabled


That’s true… it might confuse the users.

this was a good idea, but it should be noted with the yellow shield that some panels are disabled

You’re right but the fact is that this is by design,not a particularly great design but by design nonetheless.

That’d be the logical way to go,a simple traffic light system.
Red = Not functioning correctly
Amber = Functioning but some modules disabled.
Green = Fully functioning,all modules active.

The pain of being different.

People are used to certain behaviors because that’s how others do it.

I don’t disagree that it may confuse some.

But understanding their intentions should help.

All systems are active and running, means all the systems are in a ready, working, healthy state.

As in, “Your installation is Unbroken” at least as far as internal checks reveal.

It is not like there is No indication that you have disabled a module.

You have system integration/recognition, as well as just looking to the main Status window in CIS.

Attached are pics from XP and Win7, XP Security Center and Win7 Action Center both Alert to
Disabled modules.

I am not arguing for any particular “way”. Just trying to help the thought process along.


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:-TU :wink:

Ok now i got the philosophy! may be it’s not perfect but it has a right to live. (:KWL)

this philosophy is counterintuitive!!!

No, it means:"all system are working with YOUR choice of settings"If YOU disable the FW, it just “works” as YOU make it to work, e.g.“as you expected”

ok with working/active, but running means systems started so if you disabled them they don’t run and all systems are running is incorrect ! :smiley:

I’m glad Comodo does this. It pisses the hell out of me with other antiviruses.

If it’s not “functioning correctly” then it’s because I just customized the ■■■■■■■ thing to my liking. I don’t want to be nagged because I set up the program to run different to the default settings.