All settings gone


I’ve been using CPF for quite a long time for now and never had problem like this. When i was using my computer through VNC i wanted to check some options at CPF. I checked some things (didn’t change anything) but and closed the window. But I wanted to check one more thing so i opened it once more. So i wanted to check the firewall options but i couldnt because the window freezed. I was totally unable to do anything with it.

I gave up using VNC and tried to do it back at home. When i was back the first thing i did is to close the window. So i used tray icon to close it. The program didnt react so I wanted to ctrl+alt+del but then Windows window appeared with question would i like to close the process. I clicked yes. So i started the comodo again and bam… totally no settings. Even default settings like “Installer” or “Trusted application” were gone. So it had even less settings than fresh installation. I thought it was a little bug so i rebooted and hoped it will work out. So it didnt. After a few minutes i go for “Misscelaneous->Manage My Configuration” and loaded some other configuration. So its like a fresh install now. And i dont know is it correct but i found a configuration called: “COMODO - Firewall secutiry - Updated - Updated”. I dont know if it is correct but looks a little suspicious for me (i haven’t created any Configuratin profile). Is there any way i could recover my settings or should i try to reinstall (i won’t use be maybe bugged working profiles).

Wich version are you using? Go to Miscellaneous/About and post the whole number.


Wich was the last clean install of CIS that you made? The “update-update” makes me think that CIS has been automaticly updating from a very earlier version. If that’s the case you should uninstall and clean install the latest version

I may be wrong and you may want to wait for a more authorised opinion, though.

Apparently you lost your configuration. That sometimes happens when, I think cfp.exe, crashes.

CIS has back up configurations in its installation folder. You can import them from Manage My Configurations and activate them.

When updating CIS using the program updater it will rename it to Config name - Updated and use it. When you update twice you will see Config name - Updated - Updated. Nothing out of the ordinary but not things people would notice usually.

Maybe some default configurations. But there is no backup for my configurations. It would be nice if CFP crashes and deletes current settings to do some additional backup file with those settings so when CFP crash i could use backup to load my settings back on.

I should have mentioned back ups of the default configurations.

It would be convenient if CIS would make back ups of your configurations automatically. You can request that in the Wish boards if you like.

For now all you can do is start from the very beginning and make back ups your self.