All quiet on the CAVS front

I used to look forward to the Thursday updates but it’s been a little quiet of late :'(. Just wondering what’s going on in the background ;D. Are we due for a final release soon?


lets see what tomorrow brings then :wink:



I like your reaction… (:NRD)


So do I (V). That’s made my day however it turns out 8).


I look forward for tomorrow :slight_smile:

I guess i know 31 reasons to think about a new beta release again :smiley:

I guess I will be using a new anti virus on my machine today (B)



that would make my day and week! :BNC

sorry guys…
its next thursday that we are aiming for now :frowning:
however, its getting much higher detection than before and much more stable…
worth the wait :slight_smile:


No worries :). Now looking forward to next Thursday ;D. Thanks for letting us know.


Can’t wait till next Thursday now… :slight_smile:

You definitely give us something to look forward to!


Next Thursday…as in February 1st??

Yep, start counting down those days. (J)


:slight_smile: only 5 days left WOOT!

yep feb 1st…

Melih, you are now tired a bit, aren’t you? Man, it seems nowdays you use a lot of points…! Just relax a bit :smiley:

Oh great! I hate waiting! But I will because I know this program is worth it <3


I need a holiday (:SAD)


Before you go on holiday, are you able to give a “rough” date when CAVS (final) is planned for release?