all python based programs fail


I have now done a clean install of v3.

I have about six python-based programs and none will run. The program starts and it can be seen momentarily in SysInternals Process explorer and then it shuts down.

All use tcl/tk.

More mysteriously still, the firewall itself fails to run when the desktop icon is clicked. Both engines are running and can be seen in Process Explorer, but when the icon is clicked it too starts to run (ie the little hourglass appears) but the a few seconds later dies and the firewall window fails to open. The icon for the firewall is not appearing in the system tray either. The program is starting with the -s switch on the command line.

Any ideas why this is happening?

xpsp2 - winpatrol - avast!AV

Just as a follow-up, I have now removed v3 and all programs have returned to normal.

I had to re-install one, but the rest just resumed working.


Is this the language package from Activestate? If so, what version(s) do you have installed?
It may help in trying to run down whatever the problem is.

Nope, it’s the opensource python from v2.4.4


The precompiled install package python-2.4.4.msi? Or did you do a source build yourself? Being able to identify the package means the Comodo dev folks could download it, and run in a test environment to find out what happened.