All Outgoing traffic blocked in WLAN


I’m using Windows 7 Pro 64b.

recently the university I study at changed their wireless network security to WPA2-Enterprise with AES encryption. Authorisation is done by P-EAP & MS-Chap V2.

With the comodo firewall set to “Safe Mode” connecting to the network works fine, I get an IP and so on BUT all other outgoing traffic is blocked somehow. I monitored my the status of my connection for a bit and only incoming traffic is being received but non is send out.

After disabling the firewall and enabling the Windows internal firewall everything is working fine. I have this problem at the university network only. In any other wireless network I didn’t have these problems…

So what could that be ? Some guidance will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Try disabling Block fragmented IP Datagrams .

I logged into the net with comodo off - read your post and disabled fragmented ip diagrams. Then I switch comodo on and was able to browse for a few minutes till it all stoped suddenly ???

Any other suggestions ?

Does No network connection after using Stealth Ports Wizard (DHCP Broken) bring a solution here?

When it doesn’t can you post a screenshot of your Global Rules and firewall logs around the time you are trying to connect at university?

The solution doesn’t help me -.- I get an IP by DHCP with COMODO switch on. As I said, connecting to the network works fine.

Here is my log:

But I don’t think this will help… There are no entries around the time I connected for the first time (last Monday, 08/01/2011)

Here are the global rules:

You have a lot of Network zones in your Global rules. Please post a screen-shot of the Network zones tab from the firewall, along with a screen-shot of your firewall Application rules.


I will do so on Monday :slight_smile:

Have a good weekend and thanks for your help so fare…