All ok yesterday but now wont work on custom?

Hi there,

Yesterday all fine but now can’t get internet access when set to custom. When set to allow all, everything is ok?
Have looked at application monitor and all iexplore entiries in application column (there are 16 of them) are set to ‘block’. However I presume these entries do not refer to iexplorer but to the the application named in the parent path in the details pane.

Any help would be much appreciated



Hi Glen

Application Monitor? CFP 2.4? I tried to verify this by looking at your previous posts… and found a similarity with your last topic (oddly enough, posted almost exactly one year ago). It’s been a while since I ran CFP 2.4 myself, but I would check CFP’s Log to see if anything is being blocked. Other than that, does your previous topic ring any bells with you?

Thankyou Kail

You’re abso-lutely right,

Exactly the same problem, exactly the same solution

Thanks again m8