All of a sudden Outlook tells me I have no Email Certs

I installed free Comodo Digital Email Certificates, without problem, on my PC about 6 weeks ago, but as of today Outlook keps telling me I have no certificates installed.

Anyone have the answer to this?



Have you done a recent Microsoft Update?

Have you checked that the certificate is still installed in Internet Explorer? (Right click the icon and click on “Properties” then “Content” then “Certificates” and see if it’s still installed.


Hi, No there are no certificates listed. We tried to install new ones but Comodo just tells us that certificates have already been issued to those mail addresses.

So, the day before yesterday we installed two similar Certs from a competitor, which worked fine, but today they are also gone.

Hi, Vger

It seems that someone removed your certificates from this PC.
Please, note, that certificates are linked with users and if you login with different account on the same PC the certificates of the first user will not be available for the second one.

However, if you lost your Comodo certificate and doesn’t have backup of it - you can send e-mail to Comodo support to revoke it and then you will be able to order a new one.
And I recommend to make backup of the new installed certificates to a safe place.

I hope this post will help you in resolving your issues.

Regards, Eugene.