All Nexon games unsigned?

I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this, hope so!

I’ve noticed that games made by Nexon all seem to use unsigned installers. Specifically, I’ve tried Dungeon Fighter (through their website), Vindictus (through Stream) in the past, both unsigned. And today, I tried to download Dragon Nest through Steam, and it was digitally unsigned. Went to see which company made it, and it was Nexon again.

Is this a problem? Would running them Fully Virtualized be good, or would some other route be preferable?

Just because a program is unsigned does not mean that it’s dangerous.

The A to your Q: Yes. I played Nexon games like CSO, etc.

The game file itself is not signed. But once you install it and run it you do get the digital signature.

Comodo whitelisted them. I trust their files without sigs.