All my ports blocked even after uninstall - install

I have a HUGE problem. :-[
I installed Comodo Firewall 2.4.
Had to do Windows Restore for another reason and it totally f****d up the firewall.
I unistalled manually (read every thread about it) and re-installed firewall but either way my p2p ports are blocked.
Even when i open them through Comodo they are still blocked (after TCP/UDP testing)
And there is no way my router is blocking them
Can anyone please help me?
Thank you

anyone? :-[


I would suggest you reboot into SafeMode, and uninstall the FW there.

When it finishes, reboot into SafeMode again, and clean the registry of any leftover or orphaned entries. The easiest way would be thru a product like ccleaner or regseeker; be sure to use their backup feature prior to deleting any registry keys.

Reboot into SafeMode again, and reinstall the FW there. Then reboot normally.

We are using SafeMode to make sure that there are no conflicts from other applications or extraneous services during this process; it is generally a good idea to do so with security applications.


Thanks Little Mac.
I’ll try it.