All my Playlists have gone for good from my Windows media Player

Hi There
After using CSC my playlists have gone from my WMP
Is there a way of getting my music playlists back in my windows media Player?
I thought the backup in CSC might help to restore them, that is i only want the music playlists restored, and which one is it from the backup.
Normaly they are saved in My Music folder but the playlist file was empty.
These music playlists took me ages to make over a period of time. How do i stop CSC from removing the playlist in the future?.
Is the only option to uncheck the button “which i didn’t do” for the playlists on the Analise screen?. I didn’t think it was going to be removed from WMP.
Is it something to do with the setting? but which one is it that effects the playlists from my Library in WMP?

Hi, I guess it was the Comodo Privacy Cleaner (CPC) module of Comodo System Cleaner you used to clean? Anyhow, unless you had the option checked to let CPC make a backup, I can’t see any way to restore your playlist - maybe with the exception of some deleted file recovery software like Recuva.

Sorry I can’t be more specific as I don’t have WMP on my machine, so I don’t know how it appears in CSC/CPC. Also sorry for the inconvenience. :-TD


If you want to save your WMP Playlists you first need to check the “Backup files before cleaning” in Privacy Cleaner, just to make sure your deleted files can be restored ( backup is unchecked by default ). But to prevent the Media Player files from being deleted you need to go in Privacy Cleaner, Windows tab and uncheck “Media Player History” and “Media Player Playlist”. Those two options are checked by default so if you ran Privacy Cleaner without unchecking them or creating a backup the playlists are lost.However, if you delete those files, you can go to the backup tab in Privacy Cleaner and restore the one in which you have the media player files. I have attached screenshots of what needs to be checked and unchecked.

Thank you for your support.

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Thank you for your suggestions Adrian
So thats where it was all along in The Privacy Cleaner.
I shall make sure i tick the backup box thats if i haven’t done so already and i will uncheck the Windows media player playlist and media player history

If you are using the latest version (2) the screenshort will look like this. (The screenshot shown was of an earlier version). Untick the media player playlist portion.

If yours is the latest version, the backup is normally selected by default. In that case, go to Privacy Cleaner - navigate to backup. If you find a backup there, restore it (if you are lucky, you may find it!). Then uncheck the media player playlist portion and rerun the privacy cleaner. Check again.

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