all my pending files accedentally put on the blocked files

i review my pending files and i click look up and then click submit after completion i put all the files in my blocked files.and after i go back to the desk top all icon for the comodo didnt says the applicatiion failed to initialize you know how can i put back again to normal my comodo internet security?

Are you able to access the CIS GUI?

If you are, then go to Defense+>My Blocked Files and remove the files from there so they are unblocked. If not, then uninstalling and reinstalling CIS is the only alternative way.


i was first time to use the comodo anti virus can you give me an instruction how to activate the cis gui? if not, going to activated, can you give me again the instruction on how can i uninstalled and installed the cis? thanks for your help.

Do you have the white shield in your taskbar?
If yes right click on it and select “open”,this should bring up the GUI

If you can get to the GUI try Miscellaneous/Diagnostics this may be able to sort out any problems.

For uninstall run the installer you downloaded and choose to remove/uninstall

What did you put in “My blocked files”?


i put all the review files in the blocked files at first it showa me i have no more files that waits me to review.after i restart it the comodo anti virus has failed to initiallize.