All monitors are off

Hi, I’ve read an article that CF is the best and yet free) I was using Kerio and had NP, but decided to try C. The 1st problem I got was that right after install and reboot, C showed that all the monitors are off.
I couldn’t turn them on, the radio didn’t move.
After some search I’ve found that cmdagent service is not running. Attempt to run it resulted in error :Couldn’t start… Error: 193 0xc1
Any Idea is appreciated, I want to try the CF.

I’m wandering how people who wrote the article managed to run it)
PS. Guys, the forum is hardly helpful, lots of graphics and has the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen.) (:AGY)

It is important to ensure that previous firewalls have been completely removed prior to installing CPF. Norton products in particular are difficult to remove, so much so that they even had to produce a removal tool whichis available via their website.

Also, did you install CPF whilst your antivirus was running. I have found that it installs better if the antivirus is disabled before installation of CPF. You could try uninstalling CPF, disable antivirus and then re-install CPF whilst antivirus is disabled. After a reboot it should work.

Hope this helps, though if it does not i am sure someone else will have some other suggestions for you.


Hello Buggy. According to your post history, it seems that you installed CPF (assumed to be 2.4) in February 2007. Did you only experience the problem recently? I had the problem with the CFP driver conflicting with Alcohol 120% and I’m sure that’s not the only software. Also, the issue may have already been resolved in version 3. If you have a test pc or backup program, you can try to see if it’s still there.

Hi, thanks for your try.
Ive tried to reinstall w/o antivirus, didn’t help
No, I’ve installed CF only today.

Eventvwr shows error logged when I start the service: The Comodo Application Agent service failed to start due to the following error:
Comodo Application Agent is not a valid Win32 application.
I assume it’s a problem with my OS.
I’ll reinstall on weekend.

I’ve had this when Spyware Terminator’s HIPS was preventing the execution of programs on an alert. It could also mean you don’t have a valid (admin) rights?

What OS version do you have?