All monitors are "Off" and cannot be started manually in CPFpro [Resolved]


When I started XPsp2, 2 popups appeared from the tray and showed CFP monitors were off.

I started up CFP and all the monitors were off. I could not change the status by selecting “on.”

I have v with Database 3.0

Unless we’re doing something specific wrong, there are some bugs in CFP (as in any piece of software) that cause this:

Just one question, are you using multiple user accounts in Windows?

Right now the developers have to concentrate on preparing the version 3 that will be really kick***, so even if this bug (if it’s confirmed as such) wasn’t fixed right away, we can realistically hope that it will be fixed for the new version that will have many new features as well. 8)


Thank you. I followed the hyperlink you gave and now I understand the problem. I have several users on the machine and I always log in with an admin equivalent.

I guess the problem is that CFP cannot handle simple logoff and log back on but I know how to “fix” it now.

Anxiously awaiting v3!!!