all internet blocked!

This morning I got a warning that approach.exe wanted to access the internet via my browser (Firefox). Knowing that Approach had no business going on line, I answered ‘no’. Now I have lost all access to the Internet. Browser and Email alike.

The log confirms that these applications are indeed being blocked, but everywhere else shows that Firefox and Thunderbird are allowed. I tried changing them to ‘ask’ but it made no difference. I can find nothing that is blocked and I think I have looked everywhere.

How can resolve this?


Whoops! I have just remembered that I had this problem before, and got an answer from you folks.

Before you spend time on this, just wait till I check out last time’s answer.


I’m gonna try to beat you to it, Terry…

Either restart all affected applications (ie, browser, email client, etc),

Logout and back in (of Windows),

or Reboot.

A Reboot will definitely do it.

You can add approach.exe to Application Monitor as a Block rule and that should stop the scenario.


PS: I moved this to the Help Boards.