All games freeze up on loading

So far I am not thrilled with this new version of Comodo.
Before, when I started a game that was installed, the game would minimize and the comodo pop-up would ask me if I want to allow it. That is why i liked this firewall program over all others.
Now with his new version, every game I start up, the game will freeze when the main menu comes up.
I can CTRL-ALT-DEL and see my windows cursor moving around, but it will not minimize the program. I have to restart my computer every time to do anything.
I go to allow the game application manually but it is still doing this.
The games I have experienced this with so far are HL2, BF2, Crysis and CoD4.
I am running windows XP.

Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.

Try to manually set the configurations for the games under firewall and Defence+, many games modify memory and they freeze because of Comodo window opening. If you can, open the games on windowed mode, that way you can see the pop ups. The ones with no windowed mode you can always manually set the permissions.

MAke your safe list. Include all folders of your games. I did it and now no problem
I think a lot of people is havung problems because they don’t try to configure this firewall. I’m not an expert, but i try my own solutions. I have only little problems.
My english is very bad and i need a dictionary,hehe, but i try and try.