ALL downloads & new installs seen as threats - help

New to CIS & Comodo products. Recent rebuild of laptop HD had it installed by repair guys, in place of NAV. My problem, it identifies EVERYTHING (software installs & app. downloads/updates) as threats to my PC. Only thing not seen as threat is my OS. PC has both browsers (IE & Firefox) and it tried to block my running of both. Now it blocks any update/add-on downloads to them. Just tried to download a media-viewing toolbar for IE-browser, CIS agressively blocked the download/install even though I tried to click permission. It popped up alerts faster than I could click OK, until it just froze the screen filled with shadows of the alert/warning window. Was not even allowed time to scroll to taskbar and disable CIS. Any advice would be appreciated – not liking this.


How are your Defense + settings? Go to D+ → Advanced → Defense + settings. It may be set to paranoid. try putting it to safe mode or clean pc mode (do this only when you are sure your system is clean).

As for the Firewall settings. Go to Firewall → Advanced → Firewall behaviour settings. It may be set to Block all mode. Try setting it to Custom Policy mode or Safe mode. I guess for the latter I think your system needs to be clear of malware too.