All cavs beta links down?

Hi, I am trying to download the newest release of cavs 2 but it seems all the links are down. I don’t want to go back to 1.1 because of all the problems it caused with uninstallation. Were these links taken down intentionally? Is it possible for someone to send me the installer for the most recent release?


I was wondering the same thing, I just setup a new virtual PC and am ready to test the latest beta.

Could anyone that managed to download version wile the link was working, possibly send me the file? (Using or something)

Unless the comodo staff does not want the file being shared like this. In which case I’ll have to wait for the next release, as 1.1 does not work for me.

This was the server related issue and now fixed. You will be able to download the latest setup now.

thanks and regards

awesome! Thanks