"all applications" ?


from time to time I read here about an entry in the firewall which by default let all save appl to connect Iinernet without asking… the aswer was to delete “all applications”.

Where is this entry “all applications”?

what is wrong?
Noone knows this now or all are busy to answer ???

This one?:
Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy → click on “Add…” button, then “Select” button and choose File GroupsAll Applications

I dont know but I think no.
What i read here was about entry in the firewall (in safe mode)which causes that all saved applicaations wil have Internet without asking. To change this the advise was to delete “all applications” entry
I can not find this topics now :-\

The entry is in Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules.

yes , exactely…there should be and this enry should be deleted…that is what I read earlier in previous topics.

AND NOW comes the next mystery:
I DONT HAVE SUCH ENTRY “ALL APPLICATIONS” IN Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules. ???


how is this possible?
what is wrong? :-\

You didn’t create a rule for it.
Look on my first post here. That’s the way, how to create it, if you need.

I thought it is created by default?

The All applications rule is only there when running the default Internet Security configuration. It is not present when using Proactive Security configuration.

Does that clear up things? Did you by any instance import a v3.14 configuration?

I have never import settings from version 3.

What means

running the default Internet Security configuration
? I am not using Internet Security but only the Firewall… and now I have install it with the default settings (“optimum protection”).
And I do not have “all application rules” in the firewall ??? ??? ???

I think that Optimum Security is the equivalent of the Proactive Security. That means there never was an All Applications rule for you and that the things you read do not apply to your situation

Deleting the All Applications rule is a way of giving people back the old v3.x behaviour that is missing with the new default settings.

I hope that clears things up for you.

and how should Comodo be installed so that “all pallications” is present? What is the install option?

[s]When using the suite it is the default configuration also known as Internet Security. I don’t know what the name of the equivalent configuration is for the firewall.

When saying this I assume that firewall settings are the same in both Firewall Only and Suite installations with their equivalent levels of security.[/s]

this information can not be read nowhere and that is bad >:(

Forget the above. I just edited it. :wink:

If I understand things correctly you are using Optimum Security and that is the equivalent of the Proactive Security when using the firewall with AV. In this configuration there is no All Applications rule as discussed at the forum here.

It only is there when using the default Internet Security configuration. And is probably also there when using the equivalent configuration when using only the firewall.

The All Applications rule can be found under Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules. See attached image.

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