All About Skins / Themes

This topic is meant to show everything about applying skins / themes to Comodo Internet Security (applies to version 3.x and 4.x). More will be added to this thread as we receive submissions from forum members.

How to find and change themes:

  1. Google search for “msstyles”. There are numerous sites that contain various Windows XP (maybe Vista and later, but I’m not sure) themes, often in compressed packages.
  2. If they come as a .zip, .rar, or other compressed file, use a decompressor utility (e.g. 7-zip).
  3. You only need to extract files with the extension .msstyles.
  4. Drag those files into your CIS Themes directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\COMODO\Comodo Internet Security\Themes)
  5. Rename the extension from .msstyles to .theme (e.g. Aero.msstyles → Aero.theme)
  6. Restart CIS (e.g. right-click the CIS system tray icon > click Exit > double click the CIS desktop icon)
  7. Open up the CIS interface and navigate to > More (Miscellaneous in CIS 3.x) > Settings > Themes. From there, select your desired theme in the drop-down options.

-You must restart CIS each time when changing themes.
-A single .msstyle file may contain more than one variation of its theme, usually in different sizes and colours
-You can also create your own themes, but will likely require a third party application and is beyond the scope of my guide. If you’re feeling artistic, feel free to post some tips of your own.




Mission Aurora:

Aero Vista:

Comodo Internet Security 4 Blue:

Comodo Internet Security 4 Black:


pooned - for screen shooting those pics
burebista - for uploading a zip of collected old themes in this forum
mindlessmissy - for modifying the official CIS v4 red theme to blue & black

Original Authors - for creating those msstyle files over the internet (sorry, don’t know who each are)

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I received more ■■■ asking me about CIS themes, so I decided to finish my mini-guide. I also opened this thread so the public can freely upload their skins without having to request and wait.

It doesn’t seem to work.
It doesn’t appear in the list (even after a restart)

Could you please try with this Royale06 theme?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Sorry. I forgot to include one step: rename the .msstyles extension to .theme

Nice, ty guys for the color themes support.

personally, I liked the GUI look of the old CIS_Setup_3.13.

Anyway to change the GUI back the original 3.13 or 3.14? This new GUI feels really bloated, to much padding unlike the older version I mentioned above.

Sure. The easiest way is for a volunteer to upload a copy of the CIS 3 default theme file.

I would like to see a skin for the old color scheme. I agree that on the latest version the top bar is too fat/thick.

And if you cycle through the tabs, you see a lot of white “dead space”. It would be cool to compact the GUI down a bit, so that the overall window size were smaller.

new GUI is coming in CIS 2011 this fall, if I heard right. :smiley:

Here are some pretty cool themes , just change extension .msstyles to .theme

Here is the V3 theme file , I reinstalled CIS_Setup_3.13.125662.579_XP_Vista_x64.exe and pulled the theme then reinstalled the latest comodo.

Here is the theme but was not what I was expecting.

its still all fat, just with different colored theme lol.

uh well :).

[attachment deleted by admin]

Seemed to work for me! :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

Actually some items do not display correctly, but for the most part it works.

nope there is something that is definitely missing. Like this v4 does not touch this earlier version I am speaking of.

I feel that 3.13-3.14 GUI is just smack down right.

Here is the comparison.

You tell me. or fact anyone else have a say that 3.13 looks way better?

One other thought?

If I do not update from 3.14 to 4.1, am I at a real security risk if I do not upgrade the app alone for that the update does not state This update is a critical update and you should upgrade?

I’m starting to think I’m gonna stick with 3.14 because it still gets updates but does not state Upgrade is recommended.

here are a few what I believe that looks best, 3.13-3.14.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Depends on your level of expertise in computing security and so on. I stick with 3.14 and “transformed” it to an anti-executable. But that is !ot!.

And aesthetics will also be a subjective subject. Moving on.,

I’d really like to read about how you accomplished that!


After the new skin for COMODO dragon here

I tried to make a new theme for COMODO Internet security
Here is the result

Just place the new theme file indigo.theme in

C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\themes

then apply the theme by this way

you can download it from here

please notice that it’s not an official theme from COMODO

Nice one, thanks. :-TU
I’ll try it instead Blue theme for a while.

Thanks for the new theme in Indigo…


Awesome theme :-TU

Great work, thanks!

vito_ag1987 - Love the indigo theme! Awesome theme :-TU